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dismantle, ideological veil, governance science and governmentality perspective


Until now, the science of government is still underestimated and even treated as a stepchild in the social andpolitical sciences. This happens because, the science of government does not yet have a perspective thatcan be used in analyzing governance problems. In fact, the science of government is the mother of science.Philosophy and politics which have claimed themselves to be the oldest and mainstay of science, were bornand emerged, after the reign of ancient Greece and Rome had been formed. This paper aims to present anideological veil that interferes with the development of governmental science studies using the perspectiveof governmentality. The governmentality perspective is a perspective that tries to analyze the scienceof government in an archaeological or Foucaultian way. The method used in this research is descriptive qualitative method. Data were collected through literature studies and analyzed using interpretive descriptivetechniques. His theme shows that the veil of ideology like an ideologist: “government for the prince”, not“government for the people” has trapped the science of government as a science that serves power. Poweritself has a very oligarchic, hierarchical and arrogant style, so that the science of government distanceditself from the science of “glorifying the community”, making society an object, not as a subject.
PDF (Bahasa Indonesia)