Transformasi Modal Sosial ke Modal Ekonomi dalam Acara Rasulan di Kalurahan Kemiri Kapanewon Tanjungsari Kabupaten Gunungkidul
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Keywords: social modal, transformation, economic modal


This study will discuss and explore the transformation of social capital into economic
capital formed in Kemiri Village, Kapanewon Tanjungsari, Gunungkidul Regency.
Rasulan is a form of social capital of the Kemiri community which has been formed
since the ancestors and its existence and sustainability are always maintained. The
form of social capital, which began with the Rasulan event, is the main capital of the
Kemiri Village community in maintaining the habit of mutual cooperation. Coleman
embeds his concept of social capital in the context of rational choice theory. Social
interdependence arises between actors, as they are attracted to events and resources
controlled by other actors to maximize their utility by rationally choosing the best
solution for them. Furthermore, the maximum utility found in the Kemiri community,
one of which is the management of Sogo Lake for Jathilan arts and building rentals
in each hamlet. With the maximum utility as mentioned earlier, it can be understood
that there was a transformation that was originally present on the organization of the
Rasulan event as a social model into economic capital that could be utilized by the
people of Kemiri Village.
pdf (Bahasa Indonesia)